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First Steps Nursery

Safety Measures at First Steps Nursery


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Here are the actions we have taken to ensure childrens safety at First Steps during COVID.

  • All age groups (0-2,2-3,3-5) have their own entrance / exit and are self sufficient in their indoor and outdoor areas.


  • 3 - 5 Room enter / leave through the conservatory door and have their own dining area, Outdoor area, Indoor Area and toilets that they do not share with any other area. We have a 1:8 ratio in place for Staff:Children and an additional staff member.


  • 2 - 3 Room enter / leave through the main door and again have their own Indoor area / Outdoor Area, Toilets Nappy Changing and outdoor Hand washing facilities. We have a 1: 5 ration in place for staff : Children and an additional student full time.


  • Baby room enter / leave through the rear door of the Baby room.  Again they have their own Nappy changing Area, Kitchen, Sleep room Indoor Play room and outdoor Garden. We have a 1 : 3 ratio in place for staff : Children with an additional student Full Time.


  • We ask that no nappy changing Bags or Back packs come into nursery.  All items coming into or out of nursery to be in labelled plastic bags.


  • We ask all children and staff to change into indoor shoes on arrival at Nursery and change into outdoor ones if going outdoors.


  • We have provided Hand Sanitisers throughout the nursery and every area has hand washing facilities.


  • We do not allow any non nursery staff or children inside the nursery.


  • We have a Temperature control system in place prior to the children entering the building.


  • We have all recommended Cleaning schedules in place and these are monitored on a daily basis.


  • Toilet areas are cleaned hourly


  • Nappy changing facilities are cleaned after each child


  • PPE is available in all areas


  • Each area has its own cleaning box.


  • We have a designated Covid Area which is used if a child develops a cough or high Temperature.


  • All risk assessments are in place as per Care Inspectorate guidance.

We understand parents are anxious at this time so we will continue to update our Facebook page daily with photo’s, daily diaries and menu’s to see how the children are spending their time here at First Steps Nursery.

Thank you for working with us to keepo all children safe.

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